About us

Small + effective = sustainable + long-term results

sjukhusmaterial 171Since 2006, our purpose has been to aid exposed individuals and assist them towards better circumstances of life. All of our work is done on a volunteer basis as this enables us to forward as much of the collected donations as possible.

We believe that…

  • The aid reciever is in the centre of attention. The donation is supposed to function as a part in the process towards development for the individual in concern, and aid in creating a better future.
  • By keeping the administration costs as low as possible, we can forward a vast majority of the collected donations to the aid recievers. This way we can put the aid reciever first and simply let the organization act as an intermediary.
  • Aid is best given in a small-scale. By the support of small achievements, we want to assist individuals in creating a better every-day life and a more hopeful future.
  • You, as a donor, should be able to feel personally connected to the aid reciever. You should be given the opportunity to see who you are helping and how your donation is beeing used.
  • The projects that we manage should be the results of inquiries from areas where our help is needed, rather than being initiatives coming from us.