I Aid Africa’s Child Fund

The children are our future. As they grow up and form as individuals, they develop and shape our world. This future world could be both brighter, greener and more knowledgeable than the one we live in today. The prerequisites for each child to shape this bright future look very different from around the world today. Due to illnesses, lack of food, water, sanitation, well-functioning social structures and school systems, and other inequalities, many of the world’s children are not able to get the life that all children deserve.

We mainly work on two projects to promote health and education in children in Kolandoto, Tanzania. Our projects are aimed at those children whose families are for a variety of reasons in a very exposed economic situation.

Since 2014, the Education program has given children the opportunity to attend school by paying the compulsory school uniforms and the school supplies required in Tanzania. It is about a target food per school day and special fees for the term examinations.

Classes with many children and few teachers, resource shortages and difficult home situations mean that, despite financial support, it is difficult for all children to complete primary and secondary school. In some cases, vocational training has been a good way of creating opportunities for work and income. Since the beginning of 2014, 4 young adults have been sponsored with this kind of education.

Since 2014, the Cataract surgery has enabled around 20 eye surgery a year for children with cataracts, an eye disease which, without treatment, leads to major vision problems and the risk of blindness.

Thanks to monthly donors and individual donations we can continue our business! Thanks!