Exchange Program

Exchange program between Kolandoto Hospital School of Nursing and Röda Korsets Högskola
Several active members within I Aid Africa (IAA) were students at Röda Korsets Högskola (Red Cross College). From the very start IAA wanted  to help Kolandoto Hospital fulfill their wish to create an exchange program between the two institutions. In 2012, IAA contributed with the first exchange program, where students from Red Cross College went to Kolandoto Hospital for four weeks of primary care practice. The exchange continued in 2013 and most of the students did their internship at Kolandoto Hospital.

Representatives from Kolandoto Hospital visited Red Cross College in the spring of 2013 for further development of the cooperation with IAA. IAA will continue to play a supportive role in the exchange of both parties.

It is IAAs wish that this exchange program would build bridges between countries and create bands of knowledge in order to unite institutions that wish to develop themselves. Through the sharing of knowledge and experience, we believe that long term sustainable development and improvements of health care could be achieved, both in Sweden and in Tanzania.

We hope that IAA in the near future will ensure that the exchange takes place in both directions and also that teachers, students and staff from Kolandoto School of Nursing will come to Sweden to study the Swedish health care system .

Exchange program between Kolandoto Hospital School of Nursing and Sollentuna Consensum Gymnasium
In early 2013, IAA mediated contact between a Swedish high school offering programs in health care, Sollentuna Consensum Gymnasium, and the Nursing school in Kolandoto. Two teachers from Sollentuna went to Kolandoto for a visit, and they invited two representatives from Kolandoto to Sweden for further development of this cooperation.

During the spring of 2014 two high school students from Sollentuna visited Kolandoto to do their practice. We hope that this exchange will continue and that students from Kolandoto will come to Sweden to do part of their practice as well.