Hospital Equipment

In 2009, the project “Hospital Material” were initiated. The aim of the project is to capitalize on high functioning medical equipment in Sweden that is no longer needed. In many hospitals in developing countries there is a great demand for new medical equipment and sometimes life-changing material. The hospitals have a hard time getting this type of equipment/material due to lack of means. Our work is based on a long-term and environmentallybased mindset. The project is divided into different sub-projects, depending on need and demand.

Usually, health care equipment and material are of high quality, which results in very high prices. For many hospitals in developing countries it is impossible to finance these high costs. In 2006, when IAA initiated the cooperation with Kolandoto Hospital, Tanzania and launched the project “Africa in sight”, we discovered that it was not just glasses that were in short supply. The hospital, which consists of 186 beds, 5 operating rooms and several open clinics, had insufficient resources, primarily in connection with  monitoring patients’ health status. This led to the idea of taking advantage of the well-functioning equipment that is replaced in hospitals and clinics throughout Sweden and using it where it is really needed.